Thursday, July 23, 2009

house update

The house is coming along. Here are some pictures if you're curious to see the progress...
The stucco and trim are about done. They need to add stone, shutters and finish the posts.
Here's some of the stone. It isn't quite as white as it looks here.
This is the front living room & dining room. The first coat of paint had just gone up.
Here's a view of the kitchen from the back patio door. The far right cabinet is actually a bookcase that will sit over a desk. 
The kitchen overlooks the family room and breakfast nook. There's the desk that will sit under the bookcase.
This is Sydney's nursery. The paint looks green in this picture, but it's just a dark khaki. The bead board will be painted white. 

They've given us our 60 day notice so I told our apartments we'll be out by Sept. 23rd. Hopefully all goes well!

the new blog picture

okay. so i know the picture above is HUGE, but i can't seem to crop it any smaller, and since i love it so much, it will have to do for now. this was taken at the A&M Foundation about a month ago. the Foundation is publishing some new marketing material and asked to take pictures of a few of the employees' kiddos. Ben & I were so excited about it. we dolled Addi up in the cutest A&M outfit (matching bow, of course) and headed up there one afternoon. despite the smile in this picture, she was in a terrible mood. she wanted nothing to do with posing, as seen in the picture below (the photographer managed to snap the big picture above, while Ben was playing with her). they never perform when you want them to :)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

the name

We have a name for our next little girl.
Sydney Kate
Kate is after my great-grandmother & Sydney.. well, we just like.

Amanda made these adorable burp clothes especially for Sydney. They turned out SO cute.
Thanks again, Amanda!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We spent the weekend in Colleyville, with the Harris family & beat the heat with snow-cones, watermelon and pool parties.
Addi and her friend Savannah. Notice how well she shares her chips...
Cousin Kenlee in her new goggles!
Cousin Tristan and his new friend. 
We begged him not to put it in the pool.
Matching outfits :)
At 35 weeks, this is probably the last pic you'll see of me for a while...
Brent and Ben = 2 proud dads