Friday, January 30, 2009

house update

Hey guys. I wanted to let you know that we have a contract on the house! All of the paperwork went through yesterday so today begins their 10 day option period. We're set to close on February 27th, so we're just praying that there are no hiccups with the inspection or with their financing. Thanks for your continued prayers!! The Lord is SO faithful!

This is "why babies need mommies". It is hilarious!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

how could I forget?

In all of the chaos & confusion of the last couple of months, I just realized that I haven't even blogged about our "new" news. Come August, the Walls will be a family of 4! We're so excited about it. We were a little slower in letting the cat out of the bag this time around. We found out about Baby Wall #2 in December. Some of you already know, but I had been getting my blood tested on a weekly basis since October (which sucked), when I had had a miscarriage (which stunk as well). They were tracking my hormone levels to make sure that I would not need a DNC before trying to get pregnant again. Well, it turned out that my levels had shot through the roof. They called me in the next day for an ultrasound, and whoola, I was pregnant again. That's now the 2nd time that I've found out that I was pregnant at the doctor's office. The triage nurses, whom I've gotten to know real well over the last few months, cried with me in the patient room. It was such a surprise & such a blessing. It was the week before, that I had truly given over the miscarriage to the Lord. I knew that He had a perfect plan for me and that His plan is what I really wanted, not my own. Looking at our situation now, I rest assured that I'd rather Him be in control. A baby due in August (versus May) will give us plenty of time to sell the house, get out of this 6 month lease, and (God willing) be in a new house of our own. I can't imagine bringing home a new baby to this place. Not that it's THAT bad. But a guest room and a nursery, and hot water, would really come in handy once the little one gets here. Plus, come Fall, we're hoping for all of you to come visit us, regardless of how A&M's football team is doing. I'll need some good socializing time and Ben will need someone to vent to and cry with.
I took a picture of Addi in her Big Sister shirt. This is her new big-girl chair that she sits in when Ben & I sit in our recliner. The recliners are the only 2 pieces of furniture in the living room right now, so it's really cute. In the back bedroom, you can see our new king size mattress!

Addi's eating habits

13 months is an interesting age when it comes to eating. I try to introduce new foods to Addi on a daily basis. I first show Addi how much I'm enjoying eating this fabulous new food item & then offer her some as if I'm sharing my most treasured possession. Although most of my efforts end up on the floor, we've found great success with bananas, mac & cheese and scrambled eggs. And of course her favorite snack is Cheerios. Well, I realized today, how much she is learning from us and mimicking what we do. When Ben came home today to join us for lunch, Addi not only offered him some Cheerios, but insisted on feeding them to him & then double checking to make sure he ate it. She was very thorough and patient. Just like mom.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

home away from home

Well, we're officially residing in College Station now. We packed up our clothes, pots & pans, etc. and headed this way last weekend. We're renting an apartment for 6 months until our house sells. Will you keep praying for that for us? We've had some really good showings & our neighbors' house just sold, so I feel like it could be just around the corner. I have to daily remind myself that the Lord has blessed Ben with this new job & that He will take care of the details for us. Until then, we're enjoying apartment living. With the exception of sleeping on an air mattress and taking cold showers, Addi & I love being here. We have breakfast as a family again & get to spend a lot more time with Ben. The best thing of all, Addi can drag out ALL of her toys & I don't have to worry about picking everything up before a house showing in 20 minutes. We're all less stressed & for that, I'm thankful. We tried out Central Baptist on Sunday. It's hard not to compare everything to 1st Baptist Houston. The music, the nursery, the lack of donuts. It's kind of hard being the newbies again. That being said, Ben & I met some of the nicest people in our Sunday school class. They truly went out of their way to make us feel welcome. We're thankful to be here, to be together as a family again & to be walking out the Lord's plan for us. We miss terribly, all of our friends and family in Houston. We think of you often and love you. Once we have more than an air mattress to offer, we'll be inviting you up for dinner. It's only an hour ya know.