Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin patch

Ahh...October. The cool crisp air, the new fall outfits, the $15 pumpkins. $15 pumpkins!? You've got to be kidding. I should have gone into the pumpkin business. Instead, I made it my mission yesterday to find the smallest, cheapest pumpkins I could find. I jokingly told Addi that if she could carry it, I would buy it. As if she knew exactly what I said, she walked down the aisle & picked up a generously sized $3 pumpkin. I almost did a cheer there in the parking lot.
"addi, can you sit on the pumpkin?"
she sat just long enough to snap this picture.
my bargain shopper
this was the split second before she dropped it.
no damage done, thank goodness.
my littlest pumpkin. thanks for the outfit, aunt Tami!
let the chaos begin.
and there ya' go.
sweet sydney, just hangin' out. how i miss those days :)
i hadn't planned on spelling "bats" with our initials.
just kind of happened.
a little cheesy? yes. but why not? :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

All you Aggie fans!

Alright girls. Did ya'll listen to the A&M/Tech game last night? Ben & I found ourselves huddled around a radio in the garage (we don't have one set up in the house yet), yelling & cheering with every turnover and touchdown. Literally yelling! The girls must be good sleepers. It just feels SO good to win in Lubbock! Well around 11:30 (as I was brushing my teeth), Ben walked in, dressed in Aggie gear, and told me he was going to go greet the football players at the airport. What? Seriously? Yep, he was dead serious. "I want to go", I told him. That wasn't going to happen. So instead, he picked up George and headed up to the clubhouse. And they weren't the only ones there. Ben said there were probably 300 people up there, all waiting to cheer for the Ags when they got home. He forgot to take his camera, but we downloaded all of these pictures off of the TexAgs forum. Somebody randomly took these and posted them. Ben feels famous.
These guys are Yell Leaders. Class of 69. They led the group in yell practice before the buses arrived.
Hump it Ags! Ben is left of the A&M flag, in a white shirt.
Ben & George congratulating one of A&M's defensive lineman.
Ben didn't make it in the picture, but got a chance to shake the star quarterback's hand.
What a game, what a night!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween costume preview

My sweet ladybug and flower. This was Sydney's first "captured" smile. Classic, right? Addi cried when I made her take her outfit off to have lunch. It's hanging in her closet and she reminds me every morning that it's still there, just waiting to be put back on. Thanks Amanda, for letting us borrow them!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

stretching the $

Trying to furnish a house isn't cheap. I've been accumulating furniture pieces over the last few months, trying to buy them when they're on sale, shopping at markets, begging for discounts, etc. I've learned that more places than you think, negotiate on prices. I bought a dresser last week that was already marked down 40% because it was a floor model. I pointed out some surface level scratches and they waved the tax for me. Not a bad deal. A little TLC and it was as good as new. I learned last year (when we were selling our house), that if you rub a walnut into wood scratches, whether floor or furniture, you can barely see them. Our 1950's wood floor looked great after a bag of walnuts. Who would have thought?
Okay, back to my post. So since the bills are piling up and I still have rooms to furnish, I'm looking for every opportunity to cut corners. Here are some projects that have kept me busy the last couple of weeks.
This was Ben's old lamp from college. A little hot glue and flowers and viola, it's now on Addi's dresser. I may paint the base dark pink or off-white..any ideas?
This idea, I stole from Whitney. I found this closet door in Round Top for $5. It was pretty nasty. Ben asked why I was buying other people's junk. I painted it, added a cute door knob from Hobby Lobby and it now shows off Addi's art work.
I found this on Craig's List a few months ago. Who needs PotteryBarn when 3 cans of spray paint will do the trick.
Next on the agenda, some wicker chairs that I bought from a garage sale last week...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweet Sydney

A new friend of mine took some adorable newborn pictures of Sydney.
Thanks Maleigh!