Monday, August 23, 2010

Dog days of summer

We took a day trip to the BlueBell Ice Cream factory this week!
As if we didn't get enough ice cream at Sydney's party (and every day since)! We've been trying to come up with a fun outing each week to keep us from going stir crazy until school starts. So we gathered up a few friends and trekked on down to Brenham. The tour guide must have thought we were on a class field trip. 4 moms, 10 kids.
This is Addi's new smile. Lovely.
Sydney played peek-a-boo with her BlueBell hat.
After the tour, we all got FREE icecream! Sydney & Jake are sitting a little too close don't ya think? :)
My attempt at a group photo.
We then had lunch at the Brenham airport. There's a little cafe where you can watch the planes take off & land. The kids loved it. Again, the manager looked at us like we were crazy when we asked for a table of 14.
more adventures to come next week...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sydney is 1!

Can you believe it?? This past year has flown by!
We had an ice cream party for her in the back yard.
the older kids swam...
played with bubbles...
and of course, ate ice cream!!
Addi LOVED the idea of eating ice cream and m&m's
at the same time!!
i told her to eat it before it melted.
we let Sydney dive into her cupcake.
and then let the older kids bust a pinata.
It was a great time for friends and family to love on Sydney!
Thank you all for coming!!

For more pictures of the party, check out that Village House.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

music & dancing

Ben recently surprised me with 2 tickets to the Michael Buble' concert! We had dinner at Mattito's in Dallas & stayed at the Stoneleigh downtown.
It was a great little date night!
Even the girls are Michael Buble' fans.

Friday, August 6, 2010

my new back porch!

I've redone my porch & LOVE it!
I'm sitting here now...updating blogs, checking emails & loving it!

Chalk Talk

So...I haven't been super pumped about A&M football starting back up. With all of the hype about possibly going to the SEC & then absolutely nothing coming of it, except UT getting more money (sorry Linds :), I was already feeling a little defeated.
That was of course, until I went to Chalk Talk!! This is an AWESOME event that they put on once a year for us Aggie ladies. You have dinner in the Zone Club, mingle with some players, here Coach Sermon talk about the upcoming season, etc.
Most of these guys are red shirt Freshman.
ALL of them called me mam'! Ah~
Dat Nguyen, our new Linebackers Coach.
Ben got onto me for smiling.

Then you get to go to McFerrin practice field and run drills with the players and coaches! It is incredible. Even 16 weeks prego, I was out there workin' my tale off. I have more pictures of my mad skills that I could post for you, but I'll spare myself the embarrassment!

Next, it's off to the Bright Complex, where you meet more coaches, talk offense & defense & see the locker room. I snagged this picture with Coach Sherman before getting started.
The locker room, a work still in progress apparently.

Last, but not least, you get to go on Kyle field & watch football highlights on the jumbotron! Can you say AWESOME!?
The Yell Leaders led us in a few yells before calling it a night.
I can now honestly say, that I can't wait for football season!!
Only 29 days to go!!

Is anyone coming in town for games?? You've got a place to stay!!