Thursday, June 25, 2009

diapers galore!

Our Sunday school class threw us a diaper shower last night and it was awesome! There are so many sweet, sweet families here in College Station that have already blessed us and loved on us. We now have more diapers than we know what to do with. What a great problem! Thank you again P.O.P. Class.
A group shot. (you won't find Addi). We got a babysitter for the evening. She's still feeling great, but has been a little timid since the hospital. 
the loot we came home with. yaozers!
Addi found the stash this morning and played "building blocks" with them. If she only knew how much her little world is about to change. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

on the mend

The last few days have been WONDERFUL! Addison is back to her old ways of giggling, dancing and getting into trouble. Here she is with my new sewing machine (thanks mom!). I've been working on some curtains for the new house while Addi has been under the weather, but she's had her eye on me, and the sewing machine, since we got home from the hospital. Her curiosity finally got the best of her yesterday, and I found her here, in my chair, turning all of the buttons and makings "sewing machine" noises. It was so good to see her laughing and pretending the way she usually does. Never again will I take for granted her zest for life. Wether it makes my life hectic and chaotic or not, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

home sweet home

We were able to come home Thursday afternoon, thank goodness. It feels good to sleep in our own beds and to not have nurses (as sweet as they are) checking up on us every 20 minutes. We've learned in the last few days, the details of what was really upsetting Addison's digestive system. It turned out that she struggled with something called gastroparesis. It's a disorder where your stomach muscles shut down and stop moving food down the digestive track, causing serious stomach issues. It's more commonly found in adults who have diabetes, but kids can develop it after a viral attack. Our pediatrician sees it about 4-5 times a year. So, Addi more than likely got over her virus last week and has been fighting this since. That would explain why she could eat a good meal and seem fine for a day, but then throw it all up the next morning. The healing process is a slow one, but it's now been 24 hours since her last attack. I was so relieved to go in her room this morning and find that she hadn't thrown up. I feel like we've finally turned a corner. Thank you again for all of your calls, texts and visits. Just knowing that Addi was being covered in prayer made this week easier. As much as we want to depend on doctors and medicine to "fix it", the LORD is ultimately in control. He hears our prayers as quickly as we can speak them. Isaiah 65. We love you guys!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank you for all of your prayers today. As most of you know we've had a heck of a week. After 8 days of vomiting, 3 doctors visits and 2 trips to the emergency room, Addison has been admitted to the hospital for a viral infection. It's a relief to be here, to be honest. The doctors and nursing staff have been amazing. Thank you Lord, for their wisdom and gentle touch. Our pediatric nurse even prayed over Addi this afternoon. What a blessing. I tried my best to hold back the tears. Thank you Lord, for your presence. Addi has been on an IV since noon and has made it almost 9 hours without throwing up. (FYI. if your kid ever needs an IV, go through the hand. If you do the arm, they can't bend their elbow, which is HORRIBLE for a thumb-sucker. and if they go through the foot, they can't walk around). We learned this the hard way.
Addi is asleep now and we're hoping to make it through the night with no episodes. They'll take her off medicine tomorrow to see if she can hold down food on her own. If not, we'll probably have to stay another night. So that's our prayer for now. Thank you for all of your phone calls, texts, and visits. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends lifting Addi up in prayer! We love you all!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


There's no better way to beat the heat, than a night at Gattiland. All you can eat pizza for $4.99...count me in! Not to mention the free ice cream. A pregnant woman's dream, right?! 
Lovin' the carousel. She would bounce up and down & look at us when it stopped as if to say "that's it?" Ben had to go back to the counter for more tokens, twice. 
The stomping/light-up game. Addi wasn't much competition, but she giggled and jumped every time they lit up. We were just as entertained as she was.
This last picture cracks me up. They're both so focused and determined. Hopefully she inherited his patience and well-tempered nature while driving :)

Church Fair

I'm behind on posting pictures, but these are from the fair that our church had last month. Addison's favorite part, of course, was the petting zoo. She has developed quite an affection for animals. She points at the birds when we're at the park. "Bir" she says. As we're driving down the road, she points out all of the cows. Her absolute favorite is the puppy upstairs. We can hear him barking (through the walls) and Addi gets excited just thinking about him. Here she is will the billy goats, which she thought were puppies. We would say "goat" and Addi would respond with her typical puppy "arf" as she followed them around.
With little concern for personal space, Addi can't get close enough.
We patted the goats. Gave them kisses. They gave us kisses. 
Then we sanitized!
Ben made friends too.
Notice Addi's shoes (and the concrete) are wet. That is because we had just crawled back out of the kiddi pool. She saw the rubber ducks and climbed right in to get them. Who cares about the game. 
She just wanted to ducks.