Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pictures of Addi!

Addi is growing up SO fast! Miss Kelly took her 6 month pictures for us and they turned out SO great! Kelly, you are AWESOME! I love the way you capture so many of Addi's sweet (& silly) expressions. Here are just 2 of my favorites, but you can view all of them on Kelly's website (Kelly Hornberger Photography: in my favorites). Once you're in her site, click on "my peeps", and type in "addison". I love em'!!

London highlights

Whew! What a whirlwind of a trip! We crammed so much into this trip, the Queen herself would be impressed! Here are the highlights...

Grandest sight: Westminster Abbey
Craziest sight: guy in a fat suit (in a bikini). Surely, he had lost a bet!  
Most impressive: Tower of London
Biggest letdown: changing of the guards
Most tasty: fish & chips! mmm!
Should have skipped: the mustard- yuck!
Best quite moment: hotdogs in Hyde Park
Best moment of all: coming home to Addi!

me & Big Ben
my knight in shining armor
Ben made me get "in the map" (for you "Friends" fanatics)
I loved the telephone booths. I doubt they're used much these days, but loved them none the less.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Can you find Addi?

What a mess! This was the scene on Saturday as we rummaged through summer & winter clothes, trying to figure out what to take on our trip this week. There's NO way all of this will fit into 1 bag! And this is mostly just Ben's stuff! Addi was right there in the middle of all of the commotion, chewing on her teething ring (and an occasional pair of socks). We've had about a week to make our plans & to throw together a list of London "must-do's". Thank goodness there won't be a language barrier. We did however, find some of these British-to-Yankee translations amusing...
"tight as a fish's bum" = cheap skate
"geezer" = "dude" (slang for young man)
"Bob's your uncle" = there you go (said with a shrug)
"blow off" = fart (ben's favorite)
Cheers! Tiff

Monday, July 7, 2008

my lil' firecracker!

The Harris clan (My brother's family + Nana & Gramps)
Addi was decked out in red & blue (with a big matching bow, of course)!

Happy 4th of July! We had our fare share of BBQ and watermelon this weekend! The Harris clan met up at the FeedStore for dinner before making our way to the Southlake Town Center for fireworks. We found a spot and set up our lawn chairs just in time. Addi loved the lights and activity. I loved these sweet faces.
On Friday, we kicked back at the pool with the Brewer's. Dad grilled us some all-american hamburgers and hotdogs while we enjoyed our own fireworks show, compliments of Chris & Ben.
Brent & Abbey (due in November)