Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is it Thursday yet??

Playdates are my saving grace!! Every Thursday morning we get together with 6 other moms and let our kiddos run wild! For an hour and half, I get to have adult conversation! It's fabulous!! It's a team effort, a zone defensive, to keep everyone safe and together. As long as no one falls off the monkey bars, throws sand, or steals sippie cups, we consider it a successful event!
Lindsay & Misty working the swing set.
Addi wanting to go higher!
Sydney just laughing.
That's all she does these days.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

The girls had a wonderful time at their Easter egg hunt! They actually started "the hunt" 10 minutes early so a ton of kids (us included) just about missed the entire thing. No big deal. We organized our own little hunt for them. Some bigger kids even shared their eggs with us! Here are the girls with Mimi and PaPa (formally Grammie & Grandpa, but Addi renamed them since she struggles with her "G"s).
We scattered the eggs out on the green and let Addi run wild.
We practiced hunting last week (because she crashed and burned last year), but she looked like a pro out there!
Sweet Sydney just sat and took it all in.
Addi shared some eggs with her, which made her day.