Saturday, August 30, 2008

girl time

My mom came in town for a few days to hang out with us! We went shopping, ate some Mexican food, more shopping, more mexican food... you know how that goes. Addi's first tooth is coming in(which is no fun, for no one), so we've been trying our best to distract her from the pain (tylenol can only do so much). A little boutique in Rice Village (Doodles) has the CUTEST things ever for little girls. Moms beware. You can't leave this place without buying SOMETHING. A lady who had already checked out, just had to buy these rain boots once seeing them on Addi. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sesame street

addi and i watch sesame street every morning & apparently i'm into it a little more than she is. this morning's guest stars included tina fay and chris brown. when did Sesame Street become so cool? i just had to rewind and re-watch chris brown's duet with elmo (dancing, singing, the whole bit - very entertaining). addi (who could have cared less) had found a pen and made havoc of her face and legs. 
of course she didn't like it when i took it from her.. attention mom...

my hubby, mr. C.F.A.

Ben passed the CFA! 
Yea!! After 3 years (1 level per year), he's finally done! 
AND he passed each level on the 1st try (which is next to impossible to do)! 
Ben, I'm SO proud of you! Addi's proud of you too!

Monday, August 18, 2008

poor samson

In general, Samson has adjusted pretty well to the new addition of our family. He had a hard time deciphering which toys were his and which were Addi's (the ones that light up and play music must but be so enticing). And he struggled with the fact that Addi gets to go everywhere I go (he'd whine as I strapped her into her car seat). 
But he's dealing. 

It occurred to us tonight as we were looking through pictures, that Sam has a completely different perspective of the whole "new family of 4 (himself included). 
while we see this...

he see's this...

poor thing! no wonder he likes to play at a distance. 
i'm letting him cuddle with us a little extra tonight before we put him down. what a trooper!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

harris family pictures

Kelly took the fam downtown to capture some great moments.  I can't even remember the last time we took family pictures? my brother has a beautiful family + sweet nana & gramps. it's wonderful to be able to capture these sweet memories. kelly has
 such a God-given talent!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rainy days

It's funny to me how quickly a city can shut down. Just yesterday, the streets were packed with busy-bodies (just like me); out for lunch (i had mexican food), out at the mall (old navy is my weakness) and out buying gas and groceries in preparation for tropical storm- Eduardo. Even the billboards told us to "Fill your tank. Storm forming in Gulf". Watching the news this morning, it sounds like the storm hit East of Galveston, and although we have high winds and buckets of rain, we've dodged the worst of it. I ventured out to Best Buy this afternoon (I'm still trying to get my car repaired from it getting broken into) and found that the streets are still empty. Yes, it's raining, but that's nothing new to us Houstonians. Compared to May, this is nothing. My garage hasn't even flooded yet. Yet almost all of the stores are closed (including Best Buy). Driving home, I realized that we all like these "rain delays". They force us to stay in, relax, and breath for a moment. (something that we don't do nearly enough - myself included). So Addi and I are just taking it easy today (i didn't even make a to-do list this morning). Instead, we spent most of the day on the back porch, listening to the rain & watching birds and squirrels find hiding places. It was a much needed break for us. Something that we'll do more often, regardless of the weather.
Miss Addi also helped me do some laundry. Who would guess that laundry could be so fun?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Galveston getaway

we spent the day at Moody Gardens. here we are eating hotdogs & burgers before going back to the slides
here's addi at the beach.  she wanted to eat the sand SO bad
lots of laughs and giggles. she could have stayed here all day.
playing in the waves
the whole fam. addi & kenlee are watching each other. so sweet!

Galveston is a lot nicer than I remember it! So the sand isn't really white & the water isn't really blue (more of beautiful brownish hue), but it has more to offer than I would have guessed. The beach was clean (and crowded) and Moody Gardens was awesome. It's got great slides & water toys and is a great deal for young kiddos ($12 per person compared to $26 at Schlitterbahn). We spent the weekend there with the fam & had a BLAST! I wouldn't call it a full out vacation (it was only 1 night), but it was a great little getaway!