Monday, May 10, 2010

Dad & Daughter Dance 2010

Well. It's official! Addison has been to her first dance! I give her an A+ for cuteness!! Dance moves earned her a B- however (only because I know what she's capable of). She started off doing GREAT! She did everything we taught her. She shook her head. Turned in circles. Flapped her elbows. DWTS, watch out!!
But as more girls showed up and the dance floor got crowded, Addi completely froze up. What happened to my crazy girl who dances and sings at Freebirds?!! As long as Ben held her, she was fine, which of course he loved! Here they are with George, Brooke & Hallie.
Then she found the Candy Bar. All hope was lost.
Happy as can be with a mouth full of skittles!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Tonight is the big Daddy Daughter Dance!! Get excited!! I'm on the committee this year, so I'm probably MORE pumped about it than Ben & Addi combined. I have to admit though, the thought of making one more paper flower may just do me in. This was my living room last night. And that's only 100 of the 200 flowers that I was in charge of. Ahh! I came up 20 short but who's counting, right?
And Addi has been working on her dance moves!! In her princess dress and high heels of course. I've always wondered where she learned those crazy moves! Ha!!

Country Fair

This weekend was the annual Country Fair at our church!! We went last year, but because Addi was so little, we mostly just hung out around the petting zoo...for 2 hours!! There's only so many cute pictures you can take with a billy goat! Needless to say, I was more than thrilled that we were able to venture out to some of the big-kid activities. We ate snow cones, went down the big slide and jumped in the bounce house, all in effort to burn as much energy as possible. I'm afraid our efforts were waisted on Sydney though. Sweet thing slept through the whole thing.