Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Halloween could not get here soon enough this year.
Addi has been talking about being a zebra for weeks now! So tonight was the big night. I made sure to get some pictures before we left, not knowing how long the costumes would actually stay on. We couldn't figure out what zebras do (??) so Addi roared like a lion most of the night "on Sydney's behalf". She also galloped (skipped) from point A to point B, which seemed to keep her occupied...
I love this one.
I'll pretend for a minute that they're always this sweet to each other. Ahh!
I feared Sydney would mess with her lion's mane all night, but she instead messed with Addi's. Lovely.
We headed off to the Fall Festival and spent half of our time at the petting zoo. Sydney loved the goats! She gave this one a hug...
and had a full conversation with this guy.
Addi loved the goats too.
and they loved her costume.
The rabbit was a safer bet.
We played games...
And then headed off to trick or treat.
Addi insisted on riding her bike. I thought the situation had disaster written all over it, but she actually did great.
At each house she would say "thank you Mister". Something she learned from our Trick or Treat book. I explained it at the first few houses, but then gave up.
Sydney played with the yard decor.
And we all did our best to avoid this guy! He's on one of those electric scooters & stands about 9 feet tall. Are you kidding me??
Can you see him in this picture? Luckily, Addi was so enthralled in her candy, that she missed him altogether. Thank you Lord!
It was a great sugar-filled night. Addi has already decided that she wants to be a giraffe next year. I guess I have that long to figure out what giraffes do :)


Wanda said...

Ahh, they are soooo cute!! Great costumes.

The Smallwood Family said...

so cute - glad they had a good halloween :)