Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

Here are some snapshots of Christmas. We spent a few days with the Harris family the weekend before Christmas and then had Ben's family come visit us here for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. It was a great way to break it up. Plus, we got to celebrate twice, which the girls loved!

Here are the girls with their cousins Tristan, Kaylee & Kenlee.
Addi was already begging/pleading to open their presents.
Sydney LOVED this backpack & wore it the rest of the day.
Addi got a big-girl bike!
And I tried my best to cut myself OUT of this picture :)
Addi also got a dollhouse, which we tried to let her enjoy by herself for a few minutes. Our efforts were in vane, of course.
Ben's best attempt at distraction.
The last present under the tree (from Aunt Julie) became my prop for a cute sister's picture. This was our best one.
Or maybe this one...
And here are the girls (with goofy smiles) with Ben's parents and their cousin, sweet Emily.

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