Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Addi!!

I can't believe that Addison is already 3!! I've been calling her my "big girl" lately, which she loves, but it's the truth. She's just growing up SO FAST! For her birthday, she got to ride a real horse! His name is Hawk & we've been talking about him everyday since. I was worried a little at first, of what kind of experience this would be. But Addi was fearless and even shouted "YeeHa" a few times. Hawk was gentle and patient, even understanding when Addi dug her boots into his sides on her 3rd "YeeHa".
Here she is waving, like she's done this a hundred times before or something..
Sydney loved Hawk too, but she more or less just hung on for dear life.
We celebrated Addi's birthday at Clay & Stacy Riebe's house. They're a SWEET couple from our church who offered their barn to us for the cowboy-themed party. It was perfect!!
I created a Main Street out of moving boxes that the kids could run in and out of.
Of course, Addi was more infatuated with the balloons. The boxes were old news to her, since she's been playing with them for weeks now.
She LOVED the stick-horse races though!! Here's everyone lined up..
And there they go. The perfect ploy to run out all of their energy! That's Sydney in the middle, trying her best to keep up.
The kids took their turn at the Pinata.
And we all went on a hay ride before calling it a night.
Happy Birthday sweet Addison!
As you say all the time..."You make me happy!"

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